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About the contest

The Portamento Contest is a talent contest for people of all ages. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficulties in travelling internationally, talented performers from around the world still want to show their talent/potency to so many people, which have stimulated us to offer them something completely different and new, helping them express themselves.

Our contest is a kind of competition where performers from all over the world can compete over the Internet that can bring people together.

With more than one similar competition available, the Portamento Contest aims to bring a new, fresh breeze into the art world. In itself, it is not a mere competition, as art is a means for people to express themselves, to share who they are, what they think or feel, what best describes them as individuals. And what better way to express yourself than to create music or dance.

The Portamento Contest is a means for artists to make their mark and step on a global stage such as the Internet.

The mission of the Portamento Contest is to give you the chance to compete against performers from all over the world while being judged by an impartial jury, notorious for its professionalism and achievements.

The Portamento Contest is an example of how nothing can stop an artist from creating art in any form and evolving and showing the world what he or she is capable of.

We would be delighted to honour any of you, and we would be honoured to have you participate in our contest, compete and do your best.

However, let’s not exclude the fact that it still has an element of competition in it, and as such, it should be won. So, motivate yourself, create art and win! Let the best one win!

We are ready to appreciate you. Are you ready to enter and compete for the first place?

We wish you success! Art is cosmopolitan and has no borders. Show the world the best of you!

Contest Rules

The Portamento Contest is a musical contest where you will compete against performers from all over the world.

We offer you a new level of performance.

You will be appreciated by professionals and artists with international recognition and success.

The Portamento Contest is an online music contest that will open the door to better professional opportunities for you as an artist.

Your recordings will be seen by already established artists, and they will appreciate your performances.

Assessment method:

You will be assessed on a-100 point scale, and the assessment is complex and based on the following: stage behaviour, vocal, dance or instrumental skills, artistry, professionalism, inaccuracies in performance, fidelity to performance styles, difficulty in performance, and charisma – a component that is very important for any performer and on which you will be assessed only in the Portamento Contest.

All contestants will receive a diploma and certificate for their participation in the Portamento Contest.

The third award will be given for a score between 70–79 out of 100 points.

The second award will be awarded for a score between 80–89 out of 100 points.

The first award will be given for a score between 90–100 points out of 100 points.

The grand award will be given to one of you who has managed to win over the jury to your inimitable talent and charisma.

The jury’s special award will be given for the favourite performance of all the jury members.

We wish you success!



Orlin Goranov

Orlin Goranov

Popstar and performer of some of the greatest Bulgarian songs.

Prof. Tony Shekerdzhieva-Novak

Prof. Tony Shekerdzhieva-Novak

Professor of classical singing.

Kostadinka Nikolova

Kostadinka Nikolova

Soprano voice and a classical singing teacher.

Portamento Contest

Yavor Topalov


Portamento Contest

Elitsa Kirilova

Hip Hop Dance Instructor

Tsvetelina Nahabedian

Tsvetelina Nahabedian

Modern and classical ballet

Portamento Contest

Konstantin Topalov

Contest Director


You can enter the contest by using our contact form to send your request or directly selecting your desired area to participate and age group, then you must upload your performance, pay a fee and finalise your entry to our contest.

Our jury consists of top music and dance professionals. You can find out more about them on Jury.

Because more and more people want to show their talent and skills to the world and this could be done best over the internet in just 10 minutes.

Taking part in the Portamento Contest would benefit not only young performers. Performers of all ages can show their talent, skills, abilities and the level of their achievements based on the hard work they have put into performing arts over years. Taking part in our contest and receiving our award or certificate will open a bigger and wider door to your professional development. By adding it to your CV, you can apply for scholarships, or to different schools, universities and courses, as well as to present it to different theatres around the world, which would increase your chances of achieving your goals.

The Portamento Contest will be held annually. The entry will take place between April and December this year and the results will be available at Christmas, or the first days after New Year.

You can enter the contest every year. There are no entry limits or age limits. Enter, prove yourself to the world and take the first place!

No, everyone can show their talent and skills. Open the door to better professional development! We can be your springboard to success. Do not hesitate and take part!

Yes, we are considering it, but it is a surprise in store for the next year.


The results of all the 2022 contestants will be published on our website on 5 January 2023, and the contestants will receive their A4 certificates and awards at the email address they provided when registering.

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